Copper-Catalyzed Dichloromethylazidation of Alkenes Using BrCCl2H as a Stoichiometric Dichloromethylating Reagent
Org. Lett. 20(22):7283-7287 Nov 2018 

Zhang, Ya-Xuan; Jin, Ruo-Xing; Yin, Han; Li, Yan; Wang, Xi-Sheng


A copper-catalyzed dichloromethylazidation of alkenes using commercially available BrCCl2H as a stoichiometric dichloromethylating reagent has been reported. Mechanistic studies indicated that a dichloromethyl radical was involved in the catalytic cycle. This transformation has demonstrated mild conditions, high reactivity, excellent functional-group tolerance, and a broad substrate scope, and thus it has offered a new solution for difunctionalization of alkenes to make diverse transformable dichloromethylated molecules. 

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