Nanowire Assemblies for Flexible Electronic Devices: Recent Advances and Perspectives
Advanced Materials 30(48):1803430 Nov 2018 

Wang, Jin-Long; Hassan, Muhammad; Liu, Jian-Wei; Yu, Shu-Hong


The fabrication of nanowire (NW)‐based flexible electronics including wearable energy storage devices, flexible displays, electrical sensors, and health monitors has received great attention both in fundamental research and market requirements in our daily lives. Other than a disordered state after synthesis, NWs with designed and hierarchical structures would not only optimize the intrinsic performance, but also create new physical and chemical properties, and integration of individual NWs into well‐defined structures over large areas is one of the most promising strategies to optimize the performance of NW‐based flexible electronics. Here, the recent developments and achievements made in the field of flexible electronics composed of integrated NW structures are presented. The different assembly strategies for the construction of 1D, 2D, and 3D NW assemblies, especially the NW coassembly process for 2D NW assemblies, are comprehensively discussed. The improvements of different NW assemblies on flexible electronics structure and performance are described in detail to elucidate the advantages of well‐defined NW assemblies. Finally, a short summary and outlook for future challenges and perspectives in this field are presented. 

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