Name: XinHua Peng (彭新华)
Born:  June. 1978, Hunan
Address:Department of modern physics, University of Science and Technology of China, Jinzhai Road 96 230026 Hefei, P. R. China
Since2008Professor in Department of modern physics
University of Science and Technology of China

Research fellow at the TU Dortmund

2003-2005Humboldt Research Fellowship at the TU Dortmund
1)Implementation of ideas and concepts of quantum computation and quantum simulation using nuclear magnetic resonance and develop quantum control methods of spin systems
2)Understanding basic problems of quantum mechanics by means of quantum information processing techniques
3)Development and application of methods of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
4)Low-field nuclear magnetic resonance by atomic magnetometer
1)Xinhua Peng, Hui Zhou, Bo-Bo Wei, Jiangyu Cui, Jiangfeng Du, and Ren-Bao Liu, Experimental Observation of Lee-Yang Zeros, Physical Review Letters 114, 010601 (2015). highlight article
2)Xinhua Peng, Zhihuang Luo, Wenqiang Zheng, Supeng Kou, Dieter Suter, and Jiangfeng Du, Experimental implementation of adiabatic passage between different topological orders, Physical Review Letters 113, 080404(2014).
3)Zhaokai Li, Hui Zhou, Chenyong Ju, Hongwei Chen, Wenqiang Zheng, Dawei Lu, Xing Rong, Changkui Duan, Xinhua Peng, and Jiangfeng Du, Experimental Realization of a Compressed Quantum Simulation of a 32-Spin Ising Chain,Physical Review Letters 112, 220501 (2014). highlight article
4)N. Xu, J. Zhu, D. Lu, X. Zhou, X. Peng*, and J. Du*:
Quantum factorization of 143 on a dipolar-coupling nuclear magnetic resonance system.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 130501 (2012).
5)Hongwei Chen, Dawei Lu, Bo Chong, Gan Qin, Xianyi Zhou, Xinhua Peng*, and Jiangfeng Du*:
Experimental Demonstration of Probabilistic Quantum Cloning.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 180404 (2011).
6)Dawei Lu, Nanyang Xu, Ruixue Xu, Hongwei Chen, Jiangbin Gong,Xinhua Peng, and Jiangfeng Du:
Simulation of chemical isomerization reaction dynamics on a NMR quantum simulator.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 020501 (2011).
7)Jiangfeng Du, Nanyang Xu, Xinhua Peng, Pengfei Wang, Sanfeng Wu, and Dawei Lu, NMR Implementation of a Molecular Hydrogen Quantum Simulation with Adiabatic State Preparation, Physical Review Letters 104, 030502 (2010). highlight article
8)Xinhua Peng*, Sanfeng Wu, Jun Li, Dieter Suter, and Jiangfeng Du:
Observation of the Ground-State Geometric Phase in a Heisenberg XY Model.
Phys. Rev. Lett.105, 240405 (2010).
9)Fazhan Shi, Xing Rong, Nanyang Xu, Ya Wang, Jie Wu, Bo Chong, Xinhua Peng, Juliane Kniepert, Rolf-Simon Schoenfeld, Wolfgang Harneit, Mang Feng, Jiangfeng Du:
Room-temperature implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm with a single electronic spin in diamond.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 040504 (2010).
10)Xinhua Peng*, Jingfu Zhang, Jiangfeng Du and Dieter Suter:
Quantum simulation of a system with competing two- and three-body interactions.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 140501 (2009).
11)Xinhua Peng, Zeyang Liao, Nanyang Xu, Gan Qin, Xianyi Zhou, Dieter Suter and Jiangfeng Du:
Quantum adiabatic algorithm for factorization and its experimental implementation.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 220405 (2008) .

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