Name:Yide Mei (梅一德)
Address:School of Life Sciences

University of Science and Technology of China

443 Huangshan Road, Hefei, Anhui 230026, P.R. China
1996-2000B.S, School of Life Sciences, Anhui University
2002-2007Ph.D, School of Life Science, University of Science and Technology of China
2007-2011Postdoc Fellow, Department of Cancer Biology, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
2011-presentProfessor, School of Life Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China
1.Signal transduction of oncogenes and tumor suppressors in cancer.
2.p53-related cell signaling in tumorigenesis.
3.Role of non-coding RNA in the regulation of tumorigenesis.
1.Kailiang Zhao, Decai Wang, Xiaolong Zhao, Chenfeng Wang, Yongxiang Gao, Kaiyue Liu, Fang Wang, Xianning Wu, Xuejuan Wang, Linfeng Sun, Jianye Zang and Yide Mei*. WDR63 inhibits Arp2/3-dependent actin polymerization and mediates the function p53 in suppressing metastasis. EMBO Rep (2020)
2.Chenfeng Wang#, Yang Yang#, Guang Zhang, Jingxin Li, Xianning Wu, Xiaoling Ma, Ge Shan and Yide Mei*. Long non-coding RNA EMS connects c-Myc to cell cycle control and tumorigenesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 116: 14620-14629. (2019)
3.Kailiang Zhao, Yang Yang, Guang Zhang, Chenfeng Wang, Decai Wang, Mian Wu* and Yide Mei*. Regulation of the Mdm2-p53 pathway by the ubiquitin E3 ligase MARCH7. EMBO Rep 19: 305-319. (2018)
4.Yang Yang, Chenfeng Wang, Kailiang Zhao, Guang Zhang, Decai Wang and Yide Mei*. TRMP, a p53-inducible long noncoding RNA, regulates G1/S cell cycle progression by modulating IRES-dependent p27 translation. Cell Death & Dis 9: 886. (2018)
5.Hao Gu, Qidong Li, Shan Huang, Weiguang Lu, Fangyuan Cheng, Ping Gao, Chen Wang, Lin Miao*, Yide Mei* and Mian Wu*. Mitochondrial E3 ligase March5 maintains stemness of mouse ES cells via suppression of ERK signalling. Nat Commun 6: 7112. (2015)
6.Bing Cheng, An Xu, Mengran Qiao, Qiao Wu, Wenyu Wang*, Yide Mei* and Mian Wu*. BECN1s, a short splice variant of BECN1, functions in mitophagy. Autophagy 11: 2048-2056. (2015)
7.Fan Yang, Huafeng Zhang, Yide Mei* and Mian Wu*. Reciprocal regulation of HIF-1α and lincRNA-p21 modulates the Warburg effect. Mol Cell 53: 88-100. (2014) (Highlighted in Science Signaling).
8.Xingwu Wang, Meng Zha, Xiaocheng Zhao, Peng Jiang, Wenjing Du, Andrew Y.H. Tam, Yide Mei* and Mian Wu*. Siva1 inhibits p53 function by acting as an E3 ubiquitin ligase of ARF. Nat Commun 4: 1551. (2013)
9.Xing Huang, Zhengsheng Wu, Yide Mei* and Mian Wu*. XIAP inhibits autophagy via XIAP-Mdm2-p53 signalling. EMBO J 32: 2204-16. (2013) (Previewed in this issue).
10.Xingwu Wang, Xiaocheng Zhao, Xiang Gao, Yide Mei* and Mian Wu*. A new role of p53 in regulating lipid metabolism. J Mol Cell Biol. 5: 147-50. (2013)
11.Jiaxu Wang, Qianqian He, Chuanchun Han, Lei Jin, Qun Li, Yide Mei* and Mian Wu*. p53-Facilitated miR-199a-3p regulates somatic cell reprogramming. Stem Cells 30: 1405-13. (2012)
12.Yide Mei, Jeongsik Yong, Hongtu Liu, Yigong Shi, Judy Meinkoth, Gideon Dreyfuss and Xiaolu Yang*. tRNA binds to cytochrome c and inhibits caspase activation. Mol Cell 37: 668-78. (2010) (Cover story; Previewed in this issue; Highlighted in Science Signaling and Chemical & Engineering News).

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