Name:Haiming Wei(魏海明)
Address:School of Life Sciences , University of Science and Technology 

of China, 230026 Hefei, P. R. China
1993.08-1996.07M.s., Immunology, Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences
2000.08-2003.07Ph. D., Immunology, Shandong University
1996.07-2001.09Assistant Professor and Associate Professor of Shandong

Cancer Biotherapy Center, Institute of Basic Medical

Sciences, Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences
2001.09-2005.12Associate Professor of School of Life Sciences, USTC
2005.12-2014.12Professor of School of Life Sciences, USTC
2015.01-presentProfessor& Vice-Dean of School of Life Sciences, USTC
1.Innate immunity and immune diseases;
2.Tumor immunity and tumor biotherapy;
3.Recognition and differentiation of NK cells;
1.The effect of immunity on gametogenesis and embryonic development, 2018.12-2021.12, supported by National Key Research & Developmental Program of China
1.Cong J, Wang X, Zheng X, Wang D , Fu B, Sun R, Tian Z*, Wei H*. Dysfunction of Natural Killer Cells by FBP1-induced Inhibition of Glycolysis during Lung Cancer Progression. Cell Metabolism. 2018 Aug 7;28(2):243-255
2.Fu B, Zhou Y, Ni X, Tong X, Xu X, Dong Z, Sun R, Tian Z*, Wei H*. Natural killer cells promote fetal development through the secretion of growth-promoting factors. Immunity. 2017 Dec 19;47(6):1100-1113
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4.Zheng X, Cheng M, Fu B, Fan X, Wang Q, Yu X, Sun R, Tian Z*, Wei H*. Targeting LUNX Inhibits Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Growth and Metastasis. Cancer Res. 2015 Mar 15;75(6):1080-90
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7.Fu B, Li X, Sun R, Tong X, Ling B, Tian Z*, Wei H*. Natural killer cells promote immune tolerance by regulating inflammatory TH17 cells at the human maternal-fetal interface. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Jan 15;110(3):E231-40.
8.Li F, Wei H, Wei H*, Gao Y, Xu L, Yin W, Sun R, Tian Z*. Blocking the Natural Killer Cell Inhibitory Receptor NKG2A Increases Activity of Human Natural Killer Cells and Clears Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Mice. Gastroenterology. 2013 Feb;144(2):392-401
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