Name:Xiaochu Zhang(张效初), Ph.D
Address:University of Science and Technology of China,

School of Life Sciences 433 huangshan Road
Tel:0551-63607295 (office)
1996-2000University of Science and Technology of China

Biology (Minor: Computer science) B.S
2000-2005University of Science and Technology of China

Biophysics/Neuroscience Ph.D

Mentor: Daren Zhang
2005-2010NIH/NIDA, Baltimore, US

Neurobiology Postdoctoral fellow

Mentor: Elliot Stein
2010-NowUniversity of Science and Technology of China School
of Life Science. Professor
Honors and awards
1999National Computer Rank Examination (Grate 4). (ETS of US recognizes that the rightful bearer of this certificate possesses at least minimum competency in the analysis and design of computer systems)
2000University Excellent Thesis in Undergraduate Research Project
2001The Guanghua Fellowship
2004The President Scholarship of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2004The Outstanding Graduate of the Life Science School
200713th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping Travel Award
Drug addiction, Game/internet addiction, Decision-making, Social neuroscience
1.Junjie Bu, Kymberly Young, Wei Hong, Ru Ma, Hongwen Song, Ying Wang, Wei Zhang, Michelle Hampson, Talma Hendler, Xiaochu Zhang*. Effect of de-activation of activity patterns related to smoking cue reactivity on nicotine addiction. Brain (影响因子(2017)=10.848) 2019, in press.
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