Name:SHI  Lei (石磊)
Address:Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Science at Microscale, 

University of Science and Technology of China, 

230026 Hefei, P. R. China
1992-1994Ph.D. student: Structure Research Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of China. Specialty: condensed physics
1998-presentProfessor of Physics : Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Science at the Microscale /Structure Research Laboratory , University of Science and Technology of China
1996-1998Associate Professor: Structure Research Laboratory, University of Science and Technology of China
1995-1996Research Fellow: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Teikyo University, Japan
1989The forth class award of the Progress of Science and Technology of Anhui
1993The first class award of the Natural Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences
1993Anhui Youth Prize of Science and Technology
1994Excellent Prize in the Scholarship of the president of Chinese Academic Sinica
1995The first class award of the Chinese Analysis and Testing Association
1997The first class award of the Chinese Analysis and Testing Association
2001The third class award of the Chinese Analysis and Testing Association
2010Zhuli Yuehua Excellent Techer’s Prize of Chinese Academic Sinica
2013The Second Prize of the Chinese Analysis and Testing Association
Professional Membership
Professional membership in the council of X-ray Diffraction Society
Professional membership in the society of defects in solids
Active member in the council of the International Centre for Diffraction Data
1.Structure and Properties of Function Materials: Study on the microstructure, electronic and magnetic properties of high Tc compounds, manganite materials and the related materials.
1.The structure and transportation of the nano- and micro-double-perovskite compound, National Natural Science Foundation
2.Study on the Key Science Problems Concerning the Nano-material Smart Properties in Energy Field, National Basic Research Program of China (973 program)
3.Study on the Spin/Charge Distribution and Physical Properties of High Tc Cuprate Superconductors, National Natural Science Foundation (973 program)
4.Superconductor Science and Technology:Materials and Physical Properties, 973 Project, The Ministry of Science and Technology
1.Xianbing Miao, Liang Wu, Yue Lin, Xueyou Yuan, Jiyin Zhao, Wensheng Yan, Shiming Zhou, Lei Shi, The role of oxygen vacancies in water oxidation for perovskite cobalt oxide electrocatalysts: are more better?, Chem. Commun. 55(10) (2019) 1442.
2.Liang Wu, Lei Shi, Shiming Zhou, Jiyin Zhao, Xianbing Miao, Jianhui Guo, Direct Growth of CoFe2 Alloy Strongly Coupling and Oxygen-vacancy-rich CoFe2O4 Porous Hollow Nanofibers: an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction, Energy Technol. 6(12) (2018) 2350
3.Xianbing Miao, Shiming Zhou, Liang Wu, Jiyin Zhao, Lei Shi, Spin-state transition enhanced oxygen evolving activity in misfit-layered cobalt oxide nanosheets, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (2018) 12337.
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6.Xueyou Yuan, Lei Shi, Jiyin Zhao, Shiming Zhou, Jianhui Guo, Tunability of magnetization and bangap in mullite-type Bi2Fe4O9 ceramics through non-magnetic ions, Scripta Materialia 146 (2018) 55.
7.Yang Li, Lei Shi, Jiyin Zhao, Shiming Zhou, Changzheng Xie, Jianhui Guo, The effect of charge transfer on the transport and magnetic properties induced by Ca substitution in La0.3Ce0.2Sr0.5MnO3, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 725 (2017) 349.
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10.Xueyou Yuan, Lei Shi, Jiyin Zhao, Shiming Zhou, Yang Li, Changzheng Xie, Jianhui Guo,Sr and Pb co-doping effect on the crystal structure, dielectric and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 multiferroic compounds,Journal of Alloys and Compounds 708 (2017) 93
11.Changzheng Xie, Lei Shi, Jiyin Zhao, Shiming Zhou, Yang Li, Xueyou Yuan, Spin-phonon coupling in R2CoMnO6 (R= Pr, Nd, Sm) thin films under biaxial compressive strain, J. Appl. Phys. 120 (15) (2016) 155302.
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