HUANG Weixin, ProfessorSingle-molecule Physics and Chemistry

Name:Weixin HUANG(黄伟新)
Address:Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale
University of Science and Technology of China
Jinzhai Road 96, Hefei, 230026, P.R. China
2004.12-presentProfessor, University of Science and Technology of China
2003.09-2004.12AvH Research Fellow, Fritz-Haber-Institute of MPG, Germany
2001.08-2003.08Postdoctor, University of Texas at Austin, USA
1996.09-2001.07Ph.D.,Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
1991.09-1996.07B.S.,University of Science and Technology of China
2016.1-presentEditorial board member, Chinese Chemical Letters
2013.08-present Editorial board member, Catalysis Letters & Topics in Catalysis
2012.05-presentEditor, Applied Surface Science
2010.10-presentMember, Chinese Catalysis Committee
1)Surface Chemistry of Solid Catalysts
2)Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms
3)Novel Catalytic Materials & Green Catalytic Reactions
1)Model systems for Au Catalysis, National Natural Science Foundation (2014-2017)
2)In-situ characterization and theory, 973 Project, MOST (2013-2017)
3)Catalytic surface chemistry, Distinguished Young Scholars Fund, National Natural Science Foundation (2016-2020)
4)Advanced oxide catalysts for hydrogenation reaction, NSFC-DFG joint research project, National Natural Science Foundation (2017-2019)
1)Weixin Huang*, oxide nanocrystal model catalysts, Accounts of Chemical Research, 49 (2016): 520-527。
2)Weixin Huang* and Yuxian Gao, Morphology-dependent surface chemistry and catalysis of CeO2 nanocrystals, Catalysis Science and Technology, 4 (2014) 3772-3784 (Invited perspective).
3)Feng Xiong, Yan-Yan Yu, Zongfang Wu, Guanghui Sun, Liangbing Ding, Yuekang Jin, Xue-Qing Gong*, and Weixin Huang*, Methanol Conversion to Dimethyl Ether on an Anatase TiO2(001) Surface, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55 (2016) 623-628。
4)Yuanxu Liu, Bingsen Zhang, Liangfeng Luo, Xuanye Chen, Zhonglei Wang, Erlong Wu, Dangsheng Su, and Weixin Huang*, TiO2 (core)/Cu2O (ultrathin film shell) Nanorods as Efficient and Stable Photocatalyst for Water Reduction, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 54 (2015) 15260-15265
5)Qing Hua, Tian Cao, Xiang-Kui Gu, Jiqing Lu, Zhiquan Jiang, Xiaorong Pan, Liangfeng Luo, Wei-Xue Li and Weixin Huang*, Crystal Plane-controlled Selectivity of Cu2O Catalysts in Propylene Oxidation with Molecular Oxygen,Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 53 (2014) 4856-4861.
6)LiangfengLuo, Xiaofeng Tang, Wendong Wang, Yu Wang, Shaobo Sun, Fei Qi,* Weixin Huang*, Methyl Radicals in Oxidative Coupling of Methane Directly Confirmed by Synchrotron VUV Photoionization Mass Spectroscopy, Scientific Reports, 3 (2013): 1625.
7)Qing Yuan, Zongfang Wu, Yuekang Jin, LingshunXu, FengXiong, Yunsheng Ma, Weixin Huang*, Photocatalytic Cross-coupling of Methanol and Formaldehyde on a Rutile TiO2(110) Surface, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (2013): 5212-5219.
8)HuizhiBao, Wenhua Zhang, Qing Hua, Zhiquan Jiang, Jinlong Yang*, Weixin Huang*, Crystal Plane-Controlled Surface Restructuring and Catalytic Performance of Oxide Nanocrystals, AngewandteChemie International Edition, 50 (2011): 12294-12298.
9) LingshunXu, Yunsheng Ma, Yulin Zhang, Zhiquan Jiang, Weixin Huang*, Direct Evidence for the Interfacial Oxidation of CO with Hydroxyls Catalyzed by Pt/Oxide Nanocatalysts, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131 (2009): 16366-16367.

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