Barry Sanders, QianRen Chair ProfessorQuantum Optics and Quantum Information
 Name: Barry Sanders 
2013-QianRen Chair Physics and Astronomy, University of Science and Technology of China
2013-Director, Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Calgary
2013-AITF iCORE Strategic Chair in Quantum Information Science, Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary
2008-2013iCORE Chair of Quantum Science and Technology, Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary
2004-2012Director, Institute for Quantum Information Science, University of Calgary
2003-2008iCORE Professor of Quantum Information Science Physics and Astronomy, University of Calgary
2003-2008Adjunct Professor, Physics, Macquarie University
2001-2003Professor, Physics, Macquarie University
1997-2003Head of Department, Physics, Macquarie University
1997-2001Associate Professor, Physics, Macquarie University
1988Diploma of Imperial College
1987Doctor of Philosophy (Physics with P. L. Knight) Imperial College
1985Diploma of Imperial College (Mathematical Physics with T. W. B. Kibble) University of Calgary
1984Bachelor of Science (Honours Physics) University of Calgary
1)Waveguide quantum electrodynamics
2)All-optical photonic switching
3)Efficient quantum algorithms for quantum simulation 
4)Coherent electron transport in protein complexes
5)Artificial intelligence for quantum control
6)Quantum information processing with interferometry
7) Modelling long-distance quantum cryptography
Postdoctoral Research Fellows
Nigum Arshed
Wei-Wei Zhang
PhD Students
Xu Shu (
Sun Xiangxiang
Akhtar Munir
Naeem Akhtar
MSc Students
Wu Jizhou (
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